I've lost my Iron Force account! (Android)

If you have lost your Iron Force account on your Android device, please sign into your Google Play Services account by using the red button on the Main Menu.

You should be prompted to restore your account. If not, make sure you check Options->Account Management->Restore Account.

If you are unable to select the Restore Account button, please contact us, providing the following information:

Lost Account (to be restored)

- Nickname
- User ID (if possible, this is the number found in the bottom right corner of the Options menu)
- Legion
- Flag
- Rank (Private, Captain etc.)
- Level
- Date of last log-in 
- Dates and amounts of previous purchases made to verify ownership (Google Play Order Numbers are preferred, but if you have not made any in-app purchases, please tell us which tanks you own on both accounts)

Current Account (this is the account that has replaced your main one)

- Nickname
- User ID
- Legion

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